ON24 Data Processing Addendum DPA

When Processing European Data in accordance with your Instructions, the parties acknowledge and agree that you are the Controller of European Data and we are the Processor. “Processing” means any operation or set of operations which is performed on Personal Data, encompassing the collection, recording, organization, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, restriction or erasure of Personal Data. The terms “Process”, “Processes” and “Processed” will be construed accordingly. The term of this DPA will follow the term of the Agreement. Terms not otherwise defined in this DPA will have the meaning as set forth in the Agreement.

In complying with its obligations under this paragraph, Webflow shall implement the technical and organizational measures specified in Schedule II. (b) Within ninety (90) days following termination of the account, the Processor shall delete and/or return all Personal Data processed pursuant to this DPA. This provision shall not affect potential statutory duties of the Parties to preserve records for retention periods set by law, statute or contract.

B. Description of Transfer

For clarity, usage data is analytical statistical, learned, or technical information derived from a customer’s use of the Service that  does not include or reveal the contents of Customer Content. 9.10  Regulatory Requests. In the event Smartsheet is required by law or legal process to disclose Customer Personal Data, Smartsheet, to the extent legally permitted, agrees to give Customer prior notice of such disclosure to afford Customer a reasonable opportunity to appear, object, and obtain a protective order or other appropriate relief regarding such disclosure. 9.8    Variations in Data Protection Laws. If any variation is required to this Icebreakers for Virtual Meetings That Are Fun and Creative as a result of a change in or subsequently applicable Data Protection Law, then either Party may provide written notice to the other Party of that change in law. The Parties will then discuss and negotiate in good faith any variations to this DPA necessary to address such changes, with a view to agreeing and implementing those or alternative variations as soon as practicable, provided that such variations are reasonable with regard to the functionality and performance of the Services and Smartsheet’s business operations.

A data processing agreement, or DPA, is an agreement between a data controller (such as a company) and a data processor (such as a third-party service provider). It regulates any personal data processing conducted for business purposes. A DPA may also be called a GDPR data processing agreement.


Limitation of Liability. For the avoidance of doubt, if HubSpot, Inc. is not a party to the Agreement, the ‘Limitation of Liability’ section of the General Terms will apply as between you and HubSpot, Inc., and in such respect any references to ‘HubSpot’, ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’ will include both HubSpot, Inc. and the HubSpot entity that is a party to the Agreement. In no event will either party’s liability be limited with respect to any individual’s data protection rights under this https://forexarticles.net/become-a-java-programmer-learn-java-programming/ (including the Standard Contractual Clauses) or otherwise. To the extent that you are unable to independently address a Data Subject Request through the Subscription Service, then upon your written request we will provide reasonable assistance to you to respond to any Data Subject Requests or requests from data protection authorities relating to the Processing of Personal Data under the Agreement. You will reimburse us for the commercially reasonable costs arising from this assistance.

5.3    At Customer’s written request and to the extent Customer is unable to access Customer Personal Data on its own, Smartsheet will provide reasonable assistance to Customer in accessing Customer Personal Data for Customer to respond to such Data Subject requests. To the extent legally permitted, Customer will be responsible for any expenses attributable to Smartsheet’s assistance efforts outside the normal course of business. Zapier will enter into a written agreement with each Subprocessor imposing data processing and protection obligations substantially the same as those set out in this Addendum. Customer hereby agrees and gives its general authorization for Webflow, when acting as a Processor, to engage new Subprocessors in connection with the processing of Customer Personal Information. A list of Webflow’s current Subprocessors is located at webflow.com/legal/subprocessors.

What is the role of the Data Protection Authority?

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Sinch Email will ensure that sub-processors are bound by written agreements that require them to provide at least the level of data protection required of Sinch Email by this DPA. Sinch Email may continue to use those sub-processors already engaged as at the date of this DPA. Where we engage Sub-Processors, we will impose data protection terms on the Sub-Processors that provide at least the same level of protection for Personal Data as those in this DPA (including, where appropriate, the Standard Contractual Clauses), to the extent applicable to the nature of the services provided by such Sub-Processors.

Use of DPA Authorities to Support Homeland Security Programs

The State of Colorado is committed to providing equitable access to our services to all Coloradans. When presented with a DPA, make sure it clearly outlines how data can be used by the processor. Look for the elements of a DPA listed above, and ensure that they are detailed enough so as not to leave room for interpretation. These are the legacy versions of the Smartsheet Data Processing Addendum and are provided for informational purposes only. 1.6    Notwithstanding anything in the Agreement or any Order Form entered in connection therewith, the parties acknowledge and agree that Smartsheet’s access to Customer Personal Data does not constitute part of the consideration exchanged by the parties in respect of the Agreement. 4.3    In accordance with Data Protection Laws, Smartsheet is liable for Subprocessors’ acts and omissions, including a Subprocessor’s appointment of another Subprocessor.

  • To the extent Webflow processes Personal Information originating from and protected by Data Protection Laws in one of the jurisdictions listed in Schedule 5 (Jurisdiction Specific Terms), the terms specified in Schedule 5, with respect to the applicable jurisdiction(s), will apply.
  • When content is unavailable in the CDN cache or where the API service requires custom calculations, the requests are routed to the US for processing.
  • Make sure that the processor has the bandwidth necessary to ensure data protection and measures in place to respond quickly to any issues that arise.
  • If Zapier receives a request from your Data Subject in relation to the Data Subject’s Personal Information Processed under your Service account, Zapier will notify you and advise the Data Subject to submit the request to you, and you will be responsible for responding to any such request.
  • Second, we may engage with Sub-Processors to support product features and integrations.
  • Customer hereby agrees and gives its general authorization for Webflow, when acting as a Processor, to engage new Subprocessors in connection with the processing of Customer Personal Information.

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